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Zadar Car Rental

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Avant Car Zadar car rental has a solution for your every need. Do you need short-term car rental, long-term business car rental or car rental with a driver? Our top team is at your disposal for any questions or concerns you may have.


We provide all the required accessories for your rented vehicle, to ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable ride. A wide selection of vehicles in our excellent fleet guarantees that you will be able to find the car that suits you best.


Our business car rental program is completely tailored to you, all you need to do is contact our team that will meet all your needs and help you arrange a car rental that suits you best.


At Avant Car Zadar, we believe that the process of renting a car should be a stress-free experience. That is why you can easily book your vehicle with us online or by phone, and we will make sure that you have arranged a mobility tailored to your needs.

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How to reach us?

Zadar Airport Car Rental

Ulica I/2A,
23 222 Zemunik Donji
phone+385 23 351 008
mailMon – Sun: 07:00 am – 09:00 pm
The Avant Car branch office is located inside Zadar airport. Rent a car as soon as you land in Zadar and be certain you will have a carefree and fun stay in Zadar. Our top-notch team is always there to help you choose the right car for you.
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Explore Zadar!

Known for its Sea Organ and Monument to the Sun, Zadar is the second largest Dalmatian city. Located in the eastern part of Dalmatia, it is protected from the open sea by beautiful islands that make up the intricate Zadar archipelago, and is connected to the Croatian mainland by Velebit. Zadar is surrounded by amazing nature and has a lot to offer its visitors and it is definitely worth a visit.


Zadar is very well connected with the rest of Croatia, and it has retained its importance as a transport hub to this day. The Adriatic Highway passes through Zadar, and the city is connected to the A1 motorway. Zadar Airport is located 10 km from the city, in Zemunik.


A rich history, culture and tradition give Zadar a unique charm and make it a wonderful place to visit, or to go on vacation or a family trip. The only question that remains is whether you really paid a visit to Dalmatia if you did not take a walk along Zadar’s famous promenade, Kalelarga

Adventure Avant-style in Zadar!

The subject of many songs, Kalelarga is the main street of Zadar, and for the locals it is the main urban center of the city. Kalelarga is a symbol of Zadar and the main place to celebrate beautiful moments, hang out with friends and have fun. Walking through Kalelarga, you will reach the People’s Square, where the tradition of Zadar’s taverns originated, which continues to this day. The People’s Square was voted the most beautiful Croatian square by the Croatian Tourist Board, during the ‘I love Croatia’ campaign.


The Zadar Sea Organ is an art installation that connects nature and art and is certainly one of the first places you should go see when you visit Zadar. The Sea Organ is a musical instrument that creates sound using sea waves. Right next to the Sea Organ is the Monument to the Sun – an installation made by the same architect. The Monument to the Sun consists of multiple solar panels that absorb sunlight during the day and then greet the sunset with stunning multicolored lights. These art installations are guaranteed to delight all your senses and leave you amazed.


With beautiful architecture, history and nature that leaves you breathless, Zadar is also a modern urban mecca. There is always something going on – from wine and food festivals to cultural events and exhibition openings. Before visiting Zadar, make sure to check if there are any activities going on that might interest you.

Where to park in Zadar?

The old part of the City of Zadar is a pedestrian zone so there are no public parking lots on the Zadar Peninsula. However, this doesn’t mean that finding parking will be a problem. If you want to park as close as possible to the center of the Old Town, parking will not be a problem. You can find a parking space just outside the city walls.


Public car parks can be found throughout the city. Zadar parking lots are divided into four parking zones, the first zone is the most expensive while the fourth is the cheapest. You will surely find a parking space for your vehicle in Zadar – and at a reasonable price.