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Avant Car Offer

Car rental

In our excellent vehicle fleet, you will surely find the car that best suits all your needs. Book your Avant Car vehicle simply and worry-free online or by phone and embark on a fantastic adventure today.

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Long-term car rental

Our business car rental program is fully tailored to your needs and relieves you of having to manage your fleet. Choose one of the Avant Car business package or contact us for an individual consultation.

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Electric mobility

Through its portfolio of services, Avant car also promotes electric mobility. We invest our pioneering experience in raising public awareness and making the experience of electric mobility possible.

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Why Avant Car?

A wide range of vehicles: from city to luxury cars


New and safe vehicles with the highest repair and maintenance standards

Fast and reliable service that saves your time

Customer and technical support that makes a difference in quality

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Car rental without hidden costs

Posebne ponude

Long-term car rental program

Partnership for your business success

Save costs and time

We provide an end-to-end service without unexpected costs, which means less worries and more savings for you.


We create flexible solutions for your needs at every moment of your business operations.

Your fleet

Your safety and comfort come first. Choose a vehicle that suits your needs among our new and diverse fleet, which we renew every year.

At your disposal

Rely on us at any time because the right partner solves every challenge in any situation.

Electric mobility

Enter the world of new mobility


to a sustainable way
of thinking


with energy for
a new journey


without noise
and CO2 emissions

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions

Avant car is a regional market leader in the development of e-mobility with more than 10 million kilometers of experience with 100% electric vehicles. We invest our experience in providing training to the business community on e-mobility and creating environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for the rental of electric vehicles through car rental services, business car rental programs and Avant2Go car sharing.

Customer Support Center

Please find the most frequently asked questions about the general terms of our car rental services below.

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