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Dubrovnik Car Rental

Carefree car rental tailored to your needs

Avant Car Dubrovnik Car Rental provides you with mobility and a solution for all your needs. Do you need short-term car rental, long-term business car rental or car rental with a driver? We have a solution for you! You are sure to find the car that best suits your needs in our excellent fleet with a wide selection of vehicles.


Our business car rental program is completely tailored to you and your needs, all you need to do is contact our team that will meet all your needs and help you arrange a car rental that suits you best.


You can easily and effortlessly book an Avant Car vehicle in Dubrovnik online or by phone call, and our top team is at your disposal for any questions or concerns you may have.


We provide all the required accessories for your rented vehicle, to ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable ride.

Why Avant Car?

Mobility for your every need!

How to reach us?

Dubrovnik Car Rental

Hotel Rixos Libertas,
Liechtensteinov put 3,
20 000 Dubrovnik

mail+385 20 641 890
mailMon – Sun: 08:00 am – 08:00 pm
Pronađite našu poslovnicu u centru Dubrovnika unutar Rixos Premium Dubrovnik hotela. Naši izvrsni zaposlenici su tu da vam pomognu odabrati pravo vozilo za sve vaše potrebe. Unajmite vozilo po vašoj mjeri i uživajte u razgledavanju Dubrovnika.

Dubrovnik Airport Car Rental

Dobrota 24,
20 213 Čilipi

mail+385 20 773 178
mailMon – Sun: 07:00 am – 09:00 pm
Rent an Avant Car vehicle as soon as you land in Dubrovnik! Our branch office is located right in front of Dubrovnik Airport. Arrange your car rental with one of our great vehicles and become mobile without a care in the world during your stay in Dubrovnik.

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Explore Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia and it is not surprising that it is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. The City of Dubrovnik continues to delight its visitors with its beauty, culture and beautiful nature.


As one of the most popular tourist destinations, Dubrovnik is connected to the rest of Croatia and the world by road, sea and air. Ćilipi Airport is located 22 kilometers from Dubrovnik.


The pleasant Mediterranean climate and beautiful landscapes are, in addition to the Old Town, one of the main features of Dubrovnik. The abundance of culture and tradition make Dubrovnik a destination that is definitely worth visiting.

Adventure Avant-style in Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik’s Old Town is rich in historical and cultural locations that you must visit. The first thing you need to do once you enter the Old Town is walk along the city walls. The walls of Dubrovnik surround the Old Town in its entirety and are approximately 2 km long. Although it can be a bit tiring to walk along the city walls, especially in the summer, we recommend that you do it while you are in Dubrovnik. Trust us, all your fatigue will be gone when you see the gorgeous view of the Old Town and the seascape that surrounds it.


During the tour of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, you must visit the Rector’s Palace, the church of St. Blaise or the Dubrovnik Cathedral. After you’re done sightseeing, take a short break and enjoy slowly sipping your coffee in one of the many local cafes in the Old Town. And, if you are hungry, try delicious local delicacies in a traditional Dubrovnik restaurant.


The Old Town is not all that Dubrovnik has to offer, the rest of the city is equally beautiful and interesting. Take a walk along Lapad Bay and soak up the sun on the beautiful city beach in the midst of Dubrovnik. If you are in the mood for an adventure or a break in nature, try hiking on the Mala Petka hill or visit the mountain Srđ and enjoy the most spectacular view of the entire of Dubrovnik.


In addition to the city itself, we recommend that you explore the surroundings of Dubrovnik as well. Day trips to Cavtat or to the Island of Lokrum are perfect for avoiding the city crowds. Dubrovnik offers a wide range of activities, both inside the Old Town and outside the city walls; check in advance if there are events that might interest you and make sure you have a good time while you stay in Dubrovnik. One thing is for sure, Dubrovnik will delight you with its beauty and beautiful charm.

Where to park in Dubrovnik?

Parking in Dubrovnik can be a big challenge, particularly if you are visiting the city during the tourist season and want to park your Dubrovnik rented car vehicle near the Old Town. Despite this, public parking is still possible to find, even near the city walls.


Dubrovnik is divided into four parking zones, of which the fourth zone is the cheapest. You can pay for parking in Dubrovnik online, via text message or at the parking meter. In addition to public parking lots, you can find a place for your rented vehicle in Dubrovnik in one of the public garages.